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Client A leading eye care and contact lens manufacturer
Category Marketing Communications
Date April - May 2005
Communication objectives
The objective was to generate substantial consumer interest to establish and highlight contact lenses as the preferred alternative to spectacles and provider of better peripheral vision. The messages highlighted the benefits of the contact lenses that help bring about a change, through and inner transformation of the user in terms of better confidence, looks and ability to desire and achieve more in life.
Target Audience
The primary audience of contact lenses falls between 15 - 28 years of age. Since this age group is usually 'appearance - conscious', the communication was structured to help the users enhance their looks vis--vis their confidence with the help of contact lenses.
Opportunities / Challenges Few challenges faces by us in the execution of the campaign are as follows:
  • Reiterating the benefits of the contact lenses being a better alternative to spectacles.
  • Clarifying myths and stating the realities about contact lenses.
  • Highlighting the ease-of-use of the contact lenses.