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We at Imprimis work continuously towards developing our information bank to keep you updated with the latest in the life sciences and healthcare sector.
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Imprimis began operations in 1999 in the Health Care Sector. Our success in this field allowed us to venture further and expand our expertise. In 2003, we created our Centers of Excellence which focus on the sectors of:


These Centers of Excellence create and foster expertise and innovation, and ensure high quality and timely delivery of services to our clients . They are solely focused on being dedicated centers of service in our areas of specialization.Each Center has great experience in its field, with many achievements to its name.

All in all, they are the foundation of our successful performance:

  • A group of experienced and talented teams dedicated to leadership and quality
  • A knowledge base and best practices to keep our clients and ahead
  • Processes and methodologies that promote consistency
  • Network capabilities that deliver excellence in implementation and support