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Mr. Aman Gupta (Chief Executive Officer)
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Mr. Aman Gupta is the founder and CEO of Imprimis, a leading communications firm in India.

His professional experience ranges from strategy development, brand positioning and corporate reputation management, to crisis communication, media and investor relations, and product campaigns. He acts as an adviser to CEOs, organizations and companies across various sectors.

He is also the founding associate member of Baird's CMC, the global conglomerate of senior communications and public policy advisors networked across the world.

Examples of his professional experience cover a wide spectrum, including media training for over 200 spokespersons, product positioning and market development, national media campaigns, and providing communications consultancy to top global players.

He developed and implemented a Continent-wide media program for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). This program was designed to educate key policy makers, media, civil leaders and communities on issues related to clinical testing and distribution of the vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS.

He is currently working with Merck - USA, India & Europe; Pfizer India; Johnson & Johnson; Nicholas Piramal India Ltd; Apollo Hospitals Group; Almond Board of California; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Novartis and IAVI.

Mr. Aman Gupta holds a degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and a postgraduate degree in business management, with a focus on marketing and brand building, from the International Management Institute in New Delhi. He is a frequent contributor to leading national and international journals. He was awarded a fellowship by TED, the leading conglomeration of the top 500 people from technology, entertainment and design. He is also on advisory board of Acumen fund.

email :agupta@imprimispr.com

Aman Gupta CEO,
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