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There are no days in life so memorable as those which vibrated to some stroke of the imagination.  
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The media and entertainment industry is being transformed at an unprecedented pace. Convergence is blurring boundaries and forcing players in once-niche-markets to join hands as business partners. A growing integration between the information and media is leading to more personalized consumption of entertainment services. Media and entertainment are now working together within and across businesses and are expected to expand and develop even more in the coming years. Their aim -to inspire, to enlighten and to enrich our lives. Consumers and viewers are spoilt for choice as media moguls and entertainment badshahs battle for viewership and eyeballs. Together, these players are creating new marketplaces, services, and revenue models within the communications industry

A best-seller or blockbuster product now needs a judicious mix of entertainment and information - infotainment - to set the cash registers jingling as well as cater to audiences with diverse taste buds. Even this does not guarantee success - unless backed by the right presentation, positioning and messaging.

Imprimis can play a critical role during the pre-launch period when the marketing buzz can make or break your campaign. This new space requires the perfect mix quality information and entertainment and the ability to differentiate content to cater to broad based audiences as well as niche ones.What is needed is the reach and the skill to design and implement consumer marketing campaigns that build relationships between brands and consumers through information, entertainment and lifestyle influences.

Services for Media and Entertainment Companies:
Communications, Media & Entertainment entities face the daunting task of channelizing technology to deliver the content and services customers desire. Imprimis facilitates the smooth execution of this process. The Imprimis team has broad-based experience in creating and executing entertainment marketing programs for major players in the consumer, health and media sectors and has worked for some of the biggest names in film, television and radio.

Services for individuals:
Be it a famous actor or a talk show host, it is imperative for celebrities to ascertain the true level of their talent and emphasize the strong points while downplaying the weak ones.
Ditto for chief executives of various organisations. Much of their professional success depends on their public image. This image is often synonymous with that of the company they head. As Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board, observed: “Business is now about ‘conceptual assets’, which not only include intellectual capital, but the trust and reputation of the company, often represented by its chief executive.”
Based on the CEO’s professional profile and temperament, Imprimis’ image consultants create positive imagery, thereafter communicating this lucidly to the organisation’s stakeholders and employees as well as to peers and other industry leaders, besides the world at large.  The individual’s identity is delinked from the corporate entity, to create a win-win solution for the CEO and the company. This independent positioning has strategic benefits. Should the CEO and the company part ways in the future, there are no negative smoke signals for the media and the public. So while the CEO sails the high seas to chart an independent course, the company’s boat is not rocked.

Imprimis’ areas of expertise include:
  • Media and publicity services: Given its top-notch media contacts, Imprimis secures major national coverage based on pre-determined client messages and strategic objectives.
  • Strategic marketing and brand development: Niche positioning and select brand messaging to boost market share.
  • Event management and development: Right from design to pre- and post-event  publicity and the final event execution.
  • Product placement: Creating brand awareness through the print and electronic media.
  • Celebrity Services and Talent Management: Image building and talent scouting and supervision.
  • Partnerships: Branding and publicity for joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and consolidation.