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We at Imprimis work continuously towards developing our information bank to keep you updated with the latest in the life sciences and healthcare sector.
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Why should you choose Imprimis?

Our commitment lies towards your business and outreach objectives. Our unique results driven methodology and combination of services ensure that  you achieve your goals.

    • As part of the Perfect Relations Group, Imprimis is able to tap into a veritable minefield of pan-India resources
    • Imprimis provides need-based solutions to all client problems with a steadfast focus on positive results, not quantitative reports

What kind of people does Imprimis hire?

We hire people from diverse backgrounds, interests and skills but who share the ambition to become experts in the communications industry and want to master the art of sucessfully dealing with new trends and challenges in this field.We recruit men and women who have an aptitude to assimilate knowledge from different fields and the ability to use that knowledge to deliver targeted results.

At Imprimis , excellence is expected and appreciated.

Who are the key people at Imprimis?

We have people who are specialists in their field .To know more about the key people at Imprimis, please visit our team section.

How do we evaluate the campaigns?

How do you know if your communications campain is working?
In today's economic climate, measurement and evaluation are essential to closely link the communications programs to overall corporate goals and of course, to help you plan, improve and justify your program.
In the beginning itself, we set both the publicity and "impact" objectives, the former covering the amount and type of coverage you receive, the latter covering what you want people to know, think or do. These objectives include:

    • The desired impact
    • The magnitude of change (e.g., a percentage change)
    • The timeframe.

We perform surveys and studies  and track your coverage and "impacts" carefully. Our tracking team keeps a record of the:

    • Publications, Web sites or TV/radio programs
    • Title of the articles and reports
    • Circulation or other audience figures for those publications or programs
    • Key messages that were included in the articles
    • Tone (positive, negative or neutral)
    • Any special features (e.g., particularly good placement on the page).

as well as the same factors for your competition.
We perform a quantitative review of the publicity and analyze the impact of the program by studying the correlation between the communication program and behaviors.
We also analyze  results during the program so that, if the need arises, we can make changes mid-stream to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

At the end of the program, we evaluate as to whether you have achieved your objectives. It is imperative to recognize the strategy that worked and what can be done in the future to further improve the results.

What are the three advantages of having a specialist firm work for you ?

  • We have specialists in every sector :Lifesciences, Wellness,Agri and Food Services, Technology, Education ,CSER, Social Sector,Entertainment
  • They understand stakeholders and the  related communication framework of their areas of specialisations
  • They  are  dedicated to your goals and follows best practices to keep you ahead

Thus, working with a specialist firm guarantees results.

How does our network and affiliations benefit you?

We have a strong Indian network. Our network of nineteen offices gives you the advantage of a Pan Indian approach to a communication programme.

We are affiliated to Hill and Knowlton Inc., a leading international public relations and public affairs firm.The firm is based in New York, with a strong presence in US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. It is is part of one of the world's largest communications services groups.

Thus, as our client, you also draw upon  the Hill & Knowlton Inc resources spread across 66 offices in 35 countries.

Visit our network page for more information.