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The greatest wealth is health.
- Virgil

The healthcare industry has few parallels. Comprising a variety of sectors (therapeutics, consumer health products, diagnostics, medical devices, healthcare delivery, medical organisations and health insurance), each has its own challenges and opportunities. These are magnified by the highly sensitive environment in which the industry operates because of its impact on our lives. Whether communicating and expanding consumer choice or managing issues around pricing, access and safety, the scientific, societal, business and ethical issues are complex. Coherent, credible and creative communications are therefore indispensable.

With some of the best healthcare minds at hand, Imprimis offers a choice of multiple events and initiatives to meet a client's varied needs. Imprimis' offerings include:
  • Pre-marketing of Innovative Drugs
  • Market Access Campaigns
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Regulatory and Policy Issues
  • Public Awareness
  • Grassroots Communications
  • Support and Counsel
Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds
if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.

- Doug Larson

Biotechnology has transformed the pharmaceutical and foods industry in various ways, improving productivity as well as the end products. Yet the biotechnology industry is bedeviled with multiple allegations leveled by various sections of society, particularly when it comes to food crops.

Modern lifestyles have led to an explosion of chronic ailments. Critics blame fast lifestyles and fast foods for most of our health woes. The processed foods and carbonated drinks we consume are purported to be largely behind our increasing girth and decreasing health graph. Consequently, all companies in the food chain are scrutinized over how their foods are produced, processed, packaged and marketed.

With its close understanding of the claims, counter-claims and controversies plaguing the industry, Imprimis is perfectly positioned to interface with the media as well as train client spokespersons on how to interact adroitly with the media - even during times of crisis. Imprimis could also prepare a Master Narrative for your company to address a broad range of industry- and company-specific issues to be used as required.