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Imprimis started operations in 1999 in New Delhi  and has seen trememdous growth since then. In 2003, Imprimis emerged as one of the top communications  firms in India. Our achievements have allowed us to venture further and expand our expertise in the fields of Life Sciences, Technology, Education, Agriculture, Wellness, CSER, Social Sector , Online PR and Media & Entertainment. We call these our Centers of Excellence.

A huge attribute to our success has been our  growing network .Currently, we have a team of  more than 80 professionals  within eight offices spread across the country to provide services to more than 40 clients . Our regional managers are skilled in the knowledge of the business climate, culture and sensitivities  of their areas . Being part of the Perfect Relations family allows Imprimis to tap into additional resources and locations across India.

All these advantages ensure our communications plans and programmes are on par with global standards and best practices.

Offices: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore