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As a leading communications firm, Imprimis works with clients to address a broad range of challenges across diverse geographies, product categories and audiences. Using the power of advocacy, research and tactics, backed by stakeholder analysis and strategic planning, we devise innovative solutions for client problems.Our methodology is based on the following consistent steps:

  • Defining a winnable outcome from the outset, based on the client’s business objectives ;
  • Discovering insights about target audiences, and then identify sources and channels to reach out to them;
  • Creating a unifying strategic approach to drive a desired shift or change in attitudes and behaviors;
  • Bringing the platform to life through the most effective engagement plan to mobilize audiences and generate support; and
  • Using qualitative and quantitative tools to measure the final success of the activities against pre-identified outcomes
Through this approach, our team can provide new ways to sustain and build programs.
Integral Services
Media Relations
Brand Positioning
Brand Marketing and Perception
Reputation Management
Public Affairs
Integral Services
Strategic Planning and Research

Strategic Planning is an integral component for achieving any business goal, defining how the organization or individual will successfully engage customers, prospects and competitors. A strategy matches the goals and activities of an organization with the interests of its stakeholders. However, a strategy whether it is corporate or media, can be carried out best when it follows a systematic process. The process typically begins with a strategy meeting in which key team members have a brain storming session to determine priorities, objectives, audiences and messaging needs. Once these are outlined, specific tasks are assigned to specific teams to meet the pre-determined objectives

Research is crucial to almost all activities. It adds depth to documents and papers, and imparts credibility to campaigns. Research can also help validate outcomes against desired goals and standard norms.
Imprimis Offerings
  • Our specialists provide strategic counsel to leaders and help companies align communications initiatives with their business strategy. 
  • Through our tools and analysis, which is entirely customized for your company, we  measure, manage, protect, and grow the value of a company's reputation and its direct impact on corporate performance
  • Our Recommendations maximizes your communications program and increases its credibility and reach
  • Through skilled research we provide information that helps you allocate your budget and resources to support business goals
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Media Relations

The media can be one of the most important vehicles driving your image. Also, with the changing times and competitive market situation, a long term partnership with the media fraternity is mandatory for your campaign to become self sustainable. A strong media partnership approach is the core of every integrated communications program at Imprimis.

We have a dedicated media relations team which updates clients on media trends and provides support for major events. Our team monitors a wide range of print, electronic, internet and other media for gathering market intelligence and generating valuable feedback. Imprimis media relations and communications specialists have built tenured relationships with the national, regional, trade and broadcast media to ensure that your message is delivered in the timeliest manner to your target audience.
Imprimis Offerings
  • Our team is well equipped to provide  : 
  • Tracking and Analysis
  • Audience Targeting -building a targeted media list
  • Strategy and Message Development - Op-ed Development and Placement, building and tracking editorial calendars, pitching writers and editors ,Contributed articles, Press releases, Customer success stories ,Interviews ,Event calendar placement
  • Audits
  • Editorial Campaigns
  • Speech Preparedness
Launching new products- negotiating event speaking engagements, providing event support, organizing press tours, creating press kits

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Brand Positioning

Positioning is the process of offering the brand to the consumer. It is positioning that makes the brand appear to be different and better than all competing brands:

  • it is a strategic, not a tactical, activity
  • it is aimed at developing a strategic, sustainable competitive advantage
  • it is concerned with managing perceptions
  • brand image and reputation are the result of the positioning process

Consumers make brands famous for many reasons, of which the most important is that they come to trust brands as friends. That is why deciding on the brand-positioning strategy is such an important part of brand strategy. Although brands can be positioned one way, the brand may be presented differently to various target audience. The success of this depends on an accurate judgment of the segments that exist in the market, and the segments' precise needs and wants.

Ultimately, positioning is the heart of every competitive strategy.
Imprimis Offerings
  • Define your organization's brand position
  • Bring your objectives to life
  • Develop and deliver your messages to key audiences

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Brand Marketing and Perception

As is well known, a brand is an institution’s valued promise that identifies it as distinct from other institutions.  In short, it is the most concise expression of its core values.  Brandmarketing is not a battle of products, it's a battle of perceptions. The power of a brand lies in what resides in the minds of customers – what they learned, felt, seen, and heard about the brand as a result of their experiences over time. Perception is the brand as experienced.

3 Advantages of a strong brand:
  • Greater perceptions of product/service performance
  • Greater customer retentionand loyalty
  • Less vulnerability to marketing crises

Brand marketing, therefore, is the process of managing the media and communications of an organization so that a clear and consistent personality is established in the minds of the consumers and audience and to improve the long-term profitability of the brand strategies.Our approach enables us to create strategic, integrated programs for brands. We create programs that capture a consumers' attention by allowing them to emotionally connect with the brand.


Imprimis Offerings

  • Brand development & positioning 
  • Product launches
  • Media relations
  • Trade show, conference and seminars support
  • Strategic alliances

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Reputation Management

Integrity and reputation are the only real assets; when one is lost, everything else follows. An organization or company needs to manage their reputation as aggressively as they manage costs or any other management responsibility. Otherwise, the consequences will be expensive at best.We address one of the toughest business challenges — the value of reputation and to provide you with a shield from any public or image disaster.   
Reputation Management requires a combination of Communications strategy; Crisis Management and Media Relations.Your company/organization can shape or leverage its reputation through our tools and strategies. We target key customers and other critical stakeholders and work with you so your reputation reflects your corporate culture .

Imprimis Offerings
  • Deliver right message to right audience
  • Media training to maximize your fitneen minutes with sound bites that resonate
  • Implement media guidelines to communicate effectively
  • Earn transparency and audience trust  
  • Earn a true valuation in the markets
  • Acquire and retain more customers
  • Build stronger, more valuable customer relationships
  • Establish and enhance relationships with the best partners
  • Maintain a stable, positive image in times of crisis

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Public Affairs

Our team knows that a successful campaign is about more than media clippings and web site hits; it is about driving desired behavior. We leverage the right combination of communications tools to educate and motivate each target audience, and we integrate them into a whole campaign.
Our network is built on the experience of our professionals, who are well-connected with traditional influencers, including government officials, influential journalists, and non-governmental organizations. At the same time, we are well-versed in influencing online influencers, an essential component to almost any winning public affairs strategy.  Our teams serve as trusted advisors to our clients, helping them build reputations and influence policy battles.

Imprimis Offerings
  • Public education
  • Stakeholder outreach
  • Corporate counseling
  • Multi-cultural and multi-lingual outreach
  • Partnerships and ally development
  • Grass roots mobilization
  • Media training
  • Media relations

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