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It may be exactly the opposite! Although many allopathic practitioners and scientists label it a sham, and there is inconclusive proof about its efficacy, the fact could be that Homeopathy is based on a truth that the world has not yet grasped - water is alive and indeed has a memory! That's why substances that no longer harbour the active ingredient - except its memory - still apparently work.

Few scientists or modern doctors are willing to buy this theory. The British Medical Association (BMA) has passed a motion denouncing the practice and saying taxpayers should not foot bills for remedies which lack scientific basis. Developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy is based on the law of similars - the principle that like cures like. In essence, substances that cause symptoms in a healthy person can cure the same problems in a sick person when vastly diluted. Homeopaths contend the resultant remedy retains a "memory" of the original ingredient, which scientists dismiss as hogwash.

Yet, what scientists, modern doctors and the BMA conveniently forget is that vaccination itself is based on the law of similars! Would they therefore conclude that immunisation is hogwash and vaccines are ineffective?!

In fact, French immunologist Dr Jacques Benveniste had conducted research that indicated water may actually have a "memory". If these findings of the late immunologist are confirmed repeatedly by others (it has been confirmed by Swiss chemist Louis Rey), this will be further proof that homeopathy is indeed based on scientific principles which may be well ahead of the times.

Although other researchers are sceptical about the findings, the truth will prevail sooner or later. Remember, once upon a time humans never believed that plants were living beings.