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Internal Communication

A Communication program needs to understand how to target an audience, drive awareness, build relationships, improve loyalty and advocacy, and generate goodwill. It must capture attention in a world of media fragmentation and deliver a positive and memorable experience. In addition, a great interactive program should not be static but must drive enriched formats of boundless communications that interlink the radio, television, internet and the press all with personalized content.
Our team excels in developing content for all your communications needs.

Imprimis Offerings

We provide editorial support for
  • articles
  • letters to the editor
  • opnion editorials
  • speeches
  • all online communication
  • development of messages and positioning statements
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Market Research

To answer all your questions, we undertake market research as per requirement. This facilitates stronger insights into your industry, clients, competitors, relevant issues, and the specific communications environment. It reveals information about how specific target audiences and stakeholders respond to messages.

An effective communications program could be developed, depending on the information channels that reach your target audiences most effectively.


Imprimis Offerings

  • Industry & market research
  • Executive search
  • Online research & forecasting
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Company surveys & profiles
  • Public relations/public policy research & outreach
  • Issues research & evaluation
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Crisis Management and  Preparedness

No organization is immune to crisis. It can strike any business, industry and entity.
Not every issue becomes a crisis. Problems may arise every day but can be brought under control on a day-to-day basis. A problem becomes a crisis only when the issue snowballs and spins out of control. If the media is informed, matters can quickly escalate to higher levels. The media can magnify any crisis and make things seem worse than they actually are. Rumours, misperceptions and misrepresentations can fly thick and fast, blurring the distinction between truth and falsehood.
Trust is the first casualty in this scenario. If your company does not have a proactive policy in such cases, you need to act speedily to win back the trust and confidence of all stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, patrons, the media, the government, well-wishers, etc.

Efficient crisis management is a key component of great reputation management. Whether it is a critical news item, a negative productive review or a defective product backlash, a comprehensive crisis management program is required to turn things around. This is where Imprimis can play a crucial role by talking to different stakeholders and utilising the relevant PR tools to bring the situation under control. In crisis situations, Imprimis has been a trusted partner to numerous clients, helping them through the toughest times and most sensitive challenges.

Imprimis Offerings
  • Crisis Readiness  
Risk Mapping
Crisis Plans   
Media and Risk-Communication Training   
  • Crisis Response

24/7  experience in the full range of organizational crises such as: media driven controversies, Pharmaceutical concerns, Workplace issues financial performance, natural disasters

  • Crisis Recovery
Impact Assessment and Tracking Recovery Strategies
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Media Training

We believe that proactive planning--with a specific message-is the only way to go into a media interview. Furthermore, it is essential to have exact sound bites planned in advance. Successfully dealing with the media is often no different from succeeding in any other part of your business; it requires planning, strategy, hard work, and allocation of resources.

Our goal is simple: to make you confident, comfortable and relaxed in any interview situation AND give you the ability to control not only your message but also your exact quotes used by the media.

Imprimis Offerings

We specialize in media, presentations, public speaking and speech training, as
well as executive coaching, to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills for media interview, presentations and public speaking. We provide media and presentation training programs to fit any budget or timeframe. Our team will help you craft credible, supportable messages for press, analyst, and stakeholder engagements as well as provide interview training that simulates tough interviews with knowledgeable journalists and analysts.

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