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At Imprimis, we value our people. At the very heart of the work we do for clients is the Imprimis culture and the team

We appreciate the impact our employees have on our client's performance. We also know our employees want unique career opportunities and to provide those opportunities we have created training and professional development programs.
All new employees undergo a standard one week orientation session. These trainings feature presentations on the firm, its culture and an introduction to the policies, procedures and available tools. The employees are also provided access to regular trainings programs on technologies and techniques that can help increase their impact.

Our dedicated HR department is constantly striving to upgrade the team members of Imprimis with the best practices in the industry.

PR Rewards
The annual PR awards held within the entire Perfect Relations Group aim to honor and recognize individuals in various geographic regions for commitment to their clients, the agency, and their team.




Imprimis Culture

At Imprimis we work hard to promote the following:

A balance of personal and professional lives
We believe balancing our personal and working lives is the key to increased productivity and overall job satisfaction. Our HRM supports this.

Independence & Creativity
 Our encourage our team to think freely and make their work as innovative and creative as they like.

The pursuit of excellence
We encourage our team to take risks and pursue challenges.Imprimis has always aimed for quality in all we do.It is our mission.

Our clients
Everyone has an opportunity to work on unique and demanding client projects across all industries.

Growth opportunities
We encourage ambitions and do our best to provide our team the ongoing opportunity to grow into other positions throughout the company.

We support these  by the practices we follow :

  1. Building Entrepreneur Professionals - we help our people build entrepreneurship skills and foster their innovative and creative thinking skills .Emphasis is also placed on developing expertise in individual counseling and coaching in order to encourage effective team working. 
  2. Kudos Culture - we firmly believe in the culture of appreciation of efforts and hard work, rewards and recognition to talent, motivation to excel expectations.
  3. Performance Management System - in order to develop and nurture talent within the organization we whole heatedly follow the ‘Performance Management System’ and ‘Career Development’ Programme.
  4. People First – our “People First” culture ensures that employees are cared for in all respects.
Rotator- our Rotator programme is an opportunity given to top performers to go and work for Imprimis offices across the country. This helps employees integrate and exchange resources better with our counterparts. 
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